Boat Detailing

Interior Boat Detailing- $10-12 A Foot

Exterior Boat Detailing- $10-14 A Foot

Full Boat Detailing- $18-20 A Foot

Boat Wax

Waxing A Boat is Very Imporant More So Then a Car or Truck. Boats Don't Have A Clear Coat to Protect It's Paint Like Cars Do. Without Clear Coat The Boats Paint Can Face Oxidation A Lot Quicker Than a Car or Truck. To Prevent Oxidation Wax Should Be Applied Yearly.

Car Wax and Boat Wax Are NOT The Same, Boat Wax Contains A Cleaner That Cleans As You Wax. This Should Be The Only Wax Applied To The Gel Coat.

Waxing Prevents Oxidation & Improves A Boats Shine.

Mr Detail Offers Full Waxing For Boats Including:

- Wash The Boat & Trailer With RV/Boat Soap 

-Remove Marks From Bumping The Dock 

-Use Cleaner Wax on Painted Surfaces

-Remove Light Oxidation From Engine(s)

If Your Boat Has Heavy Oxidation This Service Is Not For You Check Out "Oxidation Removal" Listed Below

With Different Sizes of Boats We Can't List Prices, Please Call or Use The Contact Us Page E-mail App To Get A Quote

Boat Oxidation Removal

About Boat Oxidation Removal, If Your Boat Looks Faded Or White And Chalky It Is Oxidized. This Happens Over Time From Being In Water, Just A Couple Times in Water A Year Can cause Oxidation on the Gel Coating. Boats Don't Have Clear Coating Like Cars This Makes Them More Prone to Oxidation. When The Boats Gel Coat Looks Faded & Chalky You Need Oxidation Removal Done 


When We do Oxidation Removal We Do the Following:

-Wash And Prep The Boat For Oxidation Removal  

-Using Compound We Remove The Oxidation (depending on level of oxidation may take a couple steps)

-Apply Wax After Compounding to Help Prevent Future Oxidation

We Can't List Our Prices On-Line For This Service Due to the Amount of Variables, Such As Length of Boat & Level of Oxidation.

Please Call Travis @ 920 913 3300 or Use The Contact Us Page Email 

Interior Boat Detailing

About Interior Boat Detailing,

When We Do a Inside of A Boat We Do The Following:

-Vacuum Carpets 

-Clean All The Seats Removing Grime

-Clean The Deck Floor (if equipped)

-Clean Drivers Controls

-Clean Glass

-Clean Engine Area

-Use Treatment on Seats To Protect From Elements

-Steam Clean Carpets


This Service Has a Large Number of Variables For Pricing Such As Fishing Boat or Lake Cruiser.

Please Call Or Use The Contact Us Page for a Free Quote   

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