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Paint Correction

What is buffing?

Buffing is a term used in auto detailing world, Buffing is the practice of using a rotary power tool and compound to remove surface scratches and oxidation.  Buffing is typically done to a car that has light to medium scratches or the paint just looks faded out.

What is polishing?

Polishing is using a machine polisher and polish compound to remove light swirls usually from washing the car, Polishing the paint will not remove scratches and will not remove heavy swirls or paint marring. In order to remove light to medium scratches we recommend a 3-step buff job.

Will my car have swirls after a buff job?

No, your car will be swirl and hologram* free after our 3 step buff job. The reason we can achieve a swirl and hologram free buff job is because of the steps we take with the polishers and compound choices.

Step one: Remove scratches and swirls

Step two: Polish paint

Step three: Finish Polish with light compond

*Hologram is a detailing term to describe the visible traces of someone buffing a panel on a car leaving "buffer trail marks" this is typically seen on a sunny day on darker color cars such as black.

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