Car & Truck Detailing

We offer full car detailing in Fond du Lac

Hand Wash & Wax

This is a very economical wallet friendly way to protect your paint and add gloss. 

This service includes:

-Hand wash paint 

-Bug removal 

-Wheels sprayed with wheel cleaner

-Door jams and painted surfaces dried

-Clean all glass 

-Apply a 60-90 day wax to paint

-Dress tires

This service is great for someone who would like to keep up on that fresh detail look.

This service doesn't include clay bar treatment 

Failure to clay before waxing may lead to mirco scratching of the surface 

this means any bug guts that don't come off in the wash will not be removed

this also means any brake dust or fall out will not be removed

this also means that any road tar or road paint may not be removed

This package is intended for people who get their car detailed twice a year 

Full Detail

Full Inside & Out Detailing 

Interior Detail:

-Heavy Duty Vacuum

-Clean Headliner 

-Clean Door Panels, Cup Holders & Dash Panels

-Dress Vinyl Surfaces

-Steam Clean Carpets

-Steam Clean Cloth Seats (When Equipped) 

-Clean & Treat Leather Seats (When Equipped)

-Clean Glass

Exterior Detail:

-Full Hand Wash

-Clay Bar Painted Surfaces

-Clean Wheels

-Dress  Tires

-Wax Painted Surfaces

-Clean Glass

Full Detail Price


Exterior Detail (Car or Truck)

Exterior Detail Includes a Full Hand Wash Including Door Jams, Followed by A Clay Bar Treatment, We Then Clean The Wheels & Dress The Tires,Then Wax all Painted Surfaces Followed by Cleaning All Glass 

Pricing on this Service:


Interior Detailing (Car or Truck)

Interior Detailing Offers

-Full Heavy Duty Vacuum

-Clean The Headliner

-Cleaning The Door Panels, Cup Holders & The Dash Board 

-Dress All Vinyl Panels

-Full Steam Cleaning Carpets

-Steam Clean Cloth Seats (When Equipped)

-Clean & Treat Leather Seats (When Equipped) 

-Clean All Glass

Interior Detailing 



Van or SUV- $125.00

This Price does not include dog hair removal 

Prices May Vary Based on Condition of Vehicle

Sealant Exterior Package

Our Sealant Package We use a High Preforming Sealant that will protect yours car finish up to 6 months with the proper washing methods. This service is prefect before winter as it will protect your cars paint all winter long.

This service includes:


Clay Bar Painted Surfaces

Clean Wheels

Dress Tires

Clean Door Jams

Clean Outside Glass

Apply Sealant to Painted Surfaces

This Service is $100.00

Full Detail Before Sale

This Service is For People Who Are Getting Ready To Sell Their Car Or Truck, Private Party Sale or Trade in.


-Hand Wash 

-Clean Wheels 

-Dress Tires

-Spray Wax Paint

-Clean Glass

-Dress Engine Bay



-Clean All Dash Panels, Door Panels & Cup Holder Area

-Dress Dash Panels, Door Panels & Cup Holder Area

-Clean Headliner 

-Steam Clean Carpets

-Steam Clean Seats (When Equipped)

-Clean & Treat Leather Seats (When Equipped)

-Clean All Glass

This Service is $125.00

Paint Correction

The 3-Step Buff Job Is To Remove Fine to Medium Scratches in The Paint. Over Time Our Cars Paint Can Develop Light Scratches From Day to Day Use. 3 Step Buffing Can Remove The Dull Looking Finish Your Cars Paint Has.
When Preforming a 3 Step Buff We Do The Following:

-Wash The Paint

-Clay Bar Painted Surfaces

-Tape Window Seals, Mirrors,Badges Tail lights/ Headlights To Prevent Compound Build up

- Step One Buff (Cut Scratches and Oxidation) 

-Step Two Polish (Refine Paint To Showroom Shine)

-Step Three Swirl Removal (This Will Remove The Swirl Marks You See On Other Cars On A Sunny Day)

Most Detail Shops Stop After Step Two To Save On Labor Time But By Cutting Out Step Three You Leave Swirls Or Hologarms Behind In the Paint That is Typically Seen On Dark Color Cars On A Sunny Day

3- Step Buffing Has A Lot Of Variables As Far As Pricing Please Call Travis @ 920-913-3300 To Get a Quote  

Ozone Odor Treatment

Ozone Odor Treatment Removes Any Bad Smell Such As A Heavy Smoker Car or Truck, A Full Interior Detail Is Required When Doing Ozone Treatments.

$50.00 Plus Full Interior Detail 

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Add On Services

Opti-Coat Gloss Coating

Opti-coat Gloss Coating is a step above any wax or sealant available on the market. This coating has been know to still offer protection and water beating two years after being applied. Opti-Coat gloss is a long term wax solution that will decrease the chance of light scratches and marring from poor wash methods, after Opti-Coat is applied you will not need to have your car waxed for at least two years. To maintain the Opti-Coat you simply need to wash your car using a touch free car wash. Once a year its recommend that you have the car clay barred to remove any surface contamination. Opti-coat will decrease how dirty your car gets with normal driving habits as dirt and road film are less likely to stick to the surface. 

Steps for apply Opti-Coat Gloss:

-Wash Car 

-Clay Bar Car

-Preform Paint Correction 

-Polish Paint 

-Clean Surface of all Compound and Wax

-Apply Opti-Coat Gloss Coating to Paint

The car will need to be parked for 24 hours after the coating is applied.

Please Call Travis on Coating Pricing

Wheel Sealant

Ever notice wheels build up heavy brake dust that can be hard to get off?

Wheel sealant treatment will help prevent brake dust build up. Brake dust will still show up on the wheel but with a normal wash brake dust will simply wash off. 

This service includes:

-Full cleaning of face of the wheel 

-Apply wheel wax to all wheel faces

This service is $20.00 and is typically paired with a exterior detail package.

Engine Bay Detail

Degrease Engine Bay & Dress All Plastics,


Great To Do Before Selling Your Car.

This Service is $25.00 

Headlight Restoration

Restore faded out and yellowing headlights back to their crystal clear look, Improving night vision.

About Headlight Restoration:

-Tape Around Headlight to Keep Areas Free of Compound Splatter

-Prep Surface of Lamp For Polishing 

-Polish Headlight Housing Back To Clear

-Seal Headlight Housing with Opti-Lens  

This Service is $50.00

Fabric Guard

Fabric Guard is a add-on service to a interior detail package, when applied properly fabric guard will protect your carpets if a spill were to happen. Fabric guard simply gives you 10 more seconds to clean a liquid spill without staining. After the fabric guard has been performed you will notice that your carpets and seats are easier to clean and stay clean longer. 

Fabric Guard is an added protection and like anything has limitations, you will not be able to spill dark coffee on your carpet and wait two minutes to clean up and not expect any staining. The product simply allows you to have a longer period time to clean a spill when compared to untreated carpets.

This Service is $30.00 

Plastic Trim Restoration

Plastic trim restoration is a long term fix to faded out door handles, mirrors, antennas & bumpers. This isn't a short term cover up that will run down the side of the car in two washes. With this service we use a plastic restorer that bonds to the plastic shell and form a bond that wont wash away over time.

Plastic Trim Restoration pricing depends on the part being restored, Please call Travis to get a quote.

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