Auto Detail Maintenance Plan 

Mr. Detail Started a auto detailing maintenance plan for people who would want to keep up on their car inside and out.

The Way the plan works:

First bring your car or truck in for our full detail for the maintenance plan, this detail is different then our other packages 

The Maintenance Detail Includes:



Clay Bar Treatment

Apply Sealant

Clean Wheels 

Apply Wheel Protector

Clean Engine Bay

Clean Glass

Apply Rain Repellent to Glass



Clean Dash,Cup Holders,Door Panels & Other Plastics

Clean Headliner

Steam Clean Carpets & Seats (if fabric)

Clean Leather (if equipped) 

Apply Leather Protector (if equipped) 

Spray Carpets and Cloth seats with Fabric Guard 

Apply Protector to all vinyl Surfaces 

Clean Inside Glass 

Cost of Service:

$200 for Cars 

$225 for Trucks/Vans/SUVs

After your service is complete your car will be fully protected from the elements (snow, salt, coffee stains, wheel brake dust build up)

Now that your car or truck is protected we wanna keep it that way, Mr Detail offers a 90 day return after you get your maintenance plan done. The cost is $75.00 in the 1st 90 days of the purchase of the maintenance plan. If you keep coming back every 90 days or before the $75.00 fee still applies. 

What does coming back in 90 days do for me?

We are going to wash your car, clean your wheels re-apply rain repellent to glass, Clean Engine bay, Vacuum inside, spot clean any stains on carpet, Re-apply leather protector, clean all the glass

Package Benefits 

This package benefits anyone who wants their car feeling newer longer while saving money. 

How might you save money with this plan?

A normal detail is $75 inside and $75 outside so after you make the investment into the plan you would get both inside and outside for $75.00 and that includes all the wheel, glass and carpet protection that the typical detail doesn't come with.

Taking care of your car is just like taking care of a house, it's investment if you keep up on the landscape, grass, water heater & furnace long term you will get more money for your house.


Same goes with your car, we all want our cars to look and feel clean this package allows you to do so while saving money,  

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