Exterior Detailing

We Offer The Follow For Exterior Detailing: 

Hand Washing 

Hand Washing We Use Top Of The Line Soaps To Provide The Best Results Possible.

When Washing We Ensure To Focus On Heavy Dirt Area Like Behind The Wheels.

We Clean The Wheels By Hand

Once The Cars Washed We Dry The Car, Clean The Door Jams For A Spot Free Shine.

Clay Bar Painted Surfaces

Clay Barring Removes Surface Contamination off the Paint, Typically Called "Rail Dust"

Rail Dust is Typically Seen on Lighter Color Cars & Trucks as light colored Rust.

Clay Barring Will Remove This, Typically Washing Will Not.

How To Tell If Your Car Needs a Clay Bar Treatment?

Next Time You Get Your Car Washed By Hand or Car Wash, Take Your Hand And Run It Over Your Paint If Your Paint Feels Like Fine Sand Paper Its Time To Get A Clay Bar Treatment.

After Clay Bar Treatments We Recommend Waxing The Paint

Clean Wheels & Tires

Brake Dust Builds on  Wheels over Time Making Them Look Dull, Typically Washing Even By Hand Will Not Remove Mild Build up. We Can Clean The Wheel And Make it Look New. Once the Wheel is Cleaned We Apply Tire Dressing.


Extra Service: Wheel Wax

Wheel Wax Will Help From Brake Dust From Building up on the Wheel, Once Applied A Normal Car Wash Typically Washes the Brake Dust off

Wax Painted Surfaces

Wax Protects the Paint From:

Acid Rain

Light Scratches 

UV Sun-rays

Paint Marring 

Surface Contamination

Wax Also Provides A Deep "Wet" Look

After A Good Wax Water Will Form Small Droplets and Roll Off Your Car,

Wax Typically Last 6 Months With Proper Washing.

How To Know When You Need Wax:

After A Wash Does Your Hand Glide Across The Paint On Your Car?

During Rain Do You Notice Water Droplets Running off Your Paint?

If Your Said "No" To Either One Its Time For A Wax or Sealant Job.

Clean All Glass

Good Clear Vision Starts With Clear, Clean Glass.

Exterior Detailing Package Includes:

Wash, Clay Bar, Wheels & Tires, Basic Wax & Clean Glass

Exterior Detail Is $75.00 & Up


Other Exterior Choices 

Engine Bay Detail 


Degrease Engine Bay Then Dress Plastics And Hoses. Great for Prepping a Car For Sale

Polish Painted Surfaces 

Polishing Will Remove Fine Swirls & Bring a High Shine to your Paint

This Service is An Add-on to an Exterior Detail Package. 

$100 Exterior Detail Plus Polish

This Will NOT Remove Medium-Heavy Scratches Refer To 3-Step Buff For Medium-Heavy Scratches.