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Exterior Detailing

Pick Below What Fits Your Car

Protect My Paint
Enhance Your Paint
Correct Your Paint

Protecting your paint can be done in couple ways, we suggest protecting your paint when you don't see scratches or swirls. 

Enhancing paint should be done when you see fine scratches or your car doesn't have the shine and gloss it use to have. This will not fix all the defects that are in the paint but will make the paint much glossier. This is a one step polish with wax.

Paint correction should be done when you have medium to heavy scratches, this is 3 step method to remove these defects. We start with heavy cut compound, followed up by a medium cut compound followed by a swirl remover and topped with a sealant to protect our hard work. This is all done with top of the line dual action machines to prevent holograms or buffer swirls

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