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Headlight Restoration

Faded, yellow or hazed headlights can make it very hard and unsafe during night driving. The market has a many choices on how to fix this problems from people claiming to use toothpaste to over the counter headlight restoration wipes. These cheaper options are only a temporary fix and will only last 4-6 months and you'll be doing it again.

Mr. Detail offers the headlight restoration service that will be a long term fix for your car. New headlight housings from the OEM can cost upwards of $500 each to replace the old faded out lamps. 

We do a 4 step system to fix you headlamps long term.

Most detail shops just buff them out and give them the " 4 month fix" but then in 4 months you'll be unable to see again.

We don't stop after buffing, we apply a coating from Opi-Coat that will seal the headlamps from UV sun rays, bugs and road grime. This is what gives us a long term fix.

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