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Paint Coatings 

What is a Coating?

Types of paint protection are:

Wax, Sealant and Coatings

Wax is the cheapest way to protect your car with that being said wax has a short term of protection typically 2-3 months.

Sealant offers a longer protection then wax the cost is a little more then your traditional wax, sealant last about 4-6 months. Sealant can offer great shine and protect the cars finish from acid rain, bird droppings, salt, road grime and other items that can affect the cars finish.

Coatings are a long term wax free paint protection. Coatings can last 1-5 years depending on what type of coating  you choose. Once a coating is applied you do not have to worry about applying wax or sealant for 1-5 years. Coatings protect from bird droppings, acid rain, salt, road grime, mirco-scratching. Coatings increase the cars gloss long term. Coatings are the most expensive type of paint protection that we offer. The coatings offer a 5-7 Year warranty against anything that damages the clear coat such as bird droppings, bug damage & acid rain.

Why Coat My Car?

Coating your car offers many long term benefits.  The dealerships offer a "car protection" program  when you buy a used or new car, these programs typically cost $1,000-$2,000 and are applied in some cases under an hour. When you buy these packages your paying for a warranty package covering seats and carpet.They then apply a sealant to the paint. With these packages your money is going towards a warranty for seats and carpet after 6 months the sealant has lost it's benefits of protection. That money could be put into a long term paint protection such as our Opti-Coat that offers full benefits for 2 years-7 years.

Coating Pricing & Warranty 

Opti-Coat Gloss- Opti-coat gloss is a very good entry level 1-2 year coating, Gloss Coat has NO warranty from Opti-coat but offers a low price for a coating. This is prefect for a lease car.

Opti-Coat Gloss Price Starts at: $600.00

Opti-Coat Pro- Opti-coat Pro offers a 5 year warranty against bird droppings, acid rain and other road elements.

Opti-Coat Pro Price Starts at: $800.00


Opti-Coat Pro+ - This is the 7 year warranty coating against bird droppings, acid rain and other road elements.

Opti-Coat Pro+ Price Starts at: $1,300.00

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